All Purpose Drying System

Vulcans® All Purpose Drying System is the solution to a variety of waste processing material and drying procedures across all industries. Vulcan® Drying Systems can design an All Purpose Drying System that is custom manufactured for a convenient and sustainable process that can dry a multitude of materials efficiently and affordably. We take pride in offering our client’s all over the world custom-designed and manufactured industrial rotary dryers.

Frac Sand Drying System

fracSand Dryer

The Vulcan® Drying Systems Frac Sand Drying System is custom-designed and manufactured to suit a customer's individual project needs. These drying systems consist of a correctly sized drum and a burner mounted in a concurrent configuration. 

Thermal Desorption Unit


With a Vulcan® Drying Systems Thermal Desorption Unit, contaminated material is exposed to heat indirectly by slow contact with a slowly turning drum that is exposed to heat on the outer shell.  Vaporized contaminants are separated from the solids in the sludge, resulting in an end product that can be disposed of easily and cost-effectively.

Leaders in Custom Built Frac Sand Dryers

Vulcan® Drying Systems offers specialized equipment to dry and process frac sand, which allows companies to take advantage of this rapidly growing industry.

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