Improve Your Hemp Drying Process

By speeding up your drying process, you'll also produce higher quality products for market. With the proper equipment, you can dry hemp correctly and efficiently, resulting in a product ready for CBD oil extraction or other industrial or medical purposes.

Leaders in Custom Built Frac Sand Dryers

Vulcan® Drying Systems offers specialized equipment to dry and process frac sand, which allows companies to take advantage of this rapidly growing industry.

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The Remediation of Brownfield Sites

Around the United States, many lands lie abandoned and wasted because potentially hazardous contaminants may be present in the soil or groundwater. But hope of reinvestment is not lost for lands such as these, known as brownfields. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for example, many former steel mill sites have been converted into high-end residential, shopping and …

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The Composition and Beneficial Reuse of Drilling Muds

Drilling muds, or drilling fluids, are an integral part of the drilling process. These specialized fluids are used to help in the process of drilling a borehole into the earth. Boreholes are created for oil and gas extraction, as well as a variety of other reasons. Drilling mud is used to lubricate the drill bet …

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The Booming Frac Sand Market

In the past few years, the oil and gas industry has been booming and creating an increased demand for both natural and manmade proppants, such as ceramic beads and silica sand. Better known as “frac sand,” because it is most commonly used for hydraulic fracturing, silica sand is often the most cost-effective proppant choice and …

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