1 TPH TDU delivered in only 3-6 months

The Vulcan® Drying System Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption Unit consists of a  3′ diameter x 15′ long heated zone indirect fired 316 stainless steel rotary kiln with combustion chamber, a total of 2 MMBtu/hr. burners, and gear and pinion sprocket drive powered by a 10 hp motor.

It is designed to remediate a wide range of drilling wastes including drilling muds, drill cuttings, tank bottoms, and petroleum contaminated soils. The following components are included:

• Feed System – hopper, live bottom feeder, transfer screw, airlocks and injection screw

• Primary Treatment Unit – indirect fired stainless steel rotary kiln with combustion chamber

• Oil Scrubber – 8″ ejector, direct contact condenser and particulate scrubber collects hydrocarbons separated from feed stock

• Water Scrubber – 8″ ejector, direct contact condenser and particulate scrubber collects water separated from feed stock

• Oil/Water Separator – 50 gpm maximum influent flow rate. Removes free and dispersed oil droplets. Stainless steel construction featuring 12 cu. ft.of self-cleaning, coalescing media, and 3 cu. ft. sludge hopper.

• Secondary Treatment Unit – 4′ diameter direct fired thermal oxidizer,carbon steel housing lined with high temperature ceramic fiber, 3 MMBtu/hr.burner, capable of firing at high excess air to maintain chamber temperature

• Air-Cooled Water Cooler – 1 MMBtu/hr. closed loop air cooled heat exchanger provides heat rejection for both scrubbers

• Water-Cooled Oil Cooler – straight tubes, fixed tube sheet shell and tube heat exchanger constructed of stainless steel cools condensed oil

• Induced Draft Fan – variable speed exhaust fan with a 7.5 hp electric motor

• Discharge System – airlocks and discharge screw

OPTIONS: (Available for Additional Cost)

• Caustic Scrubber – optional caustic scrubber with mixing tanks, caustic spray manifold and circulation system

• Heat Recovery – heat recovery system using waste heat to preheat combustion air in burners. This option can save up to 10 percent of fuel consumption in the system.

• Waste Oil Burner System – additional waste oil burner system consisting of waste oil burners, fuel train, filters and waste oil storage tank with heating elements. Reusing recovered oil as fuel source drastically reduces fuel costs.

• Glycol-Cooled Water Cooler – highly efficient plate and frame heat exchanger, with corrugated plates to promote turbulence, cools condensed water – optional for cold climates

• Feed Pump – for liquid feed stock


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