4-man Mini Double Bin Sorting Station

Vulcan® Sorting Systems recently custom designed, manufactured and delivered a 4-Man Mini Double Bin Sorting Station to the University of South Carolina.
This sorting system features “double bins” which allows 4 sorters to pick two different materials from a 25′ long picking table.
A 20′ incline feed conveyor and a 30″ crossbelt magnet completes this sorting station. The crossbelt magnet separates ferrous from non ferrous from the sorting stream after the primary desirable recyclables have been claimed.
The station features a catwalk for sorters, emergency shut off button and pull cable, variable speed controls for conveyor and sorting table belts and removable bins for easy transportation. It also has 52″ clearance for gaylords or self-tipping hoppers.
(Above) 4-man mini double bin sorting system departing Vulcan® Sorting System facility in Moberly, MO.

(Left) Overhead view of the Vulcan® Sorting System 4-man mini double bin sorting system with incline feed conveyor and crossbelt magnet.

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