New 24 tons per 24 hours TDU

Vulcan® Drying Systems Completes New 24 ton per 24 hr TDU

Vulcan® Drying Systems has recently completed a custom-built Indirect Thermal Desorption Unit.
Capable of drying 24 tons of material in 24 hours, the system was designed, engineered and manufactured at the VDS plant in Moberly, Missouri.
The unit will be used for drill cutting and tank bottom sludge remediation by the client.

The portable unit is mounted on three flatbed trailers for easy mobility. The first trailer has the live bottom feeder, an indirect fired drum that has a 3′ high by 15′ long heat zone and the discharge screw conveyor.
Trailer 2 houses the oil condensers and storage for the augers when the unit is transported.
Trailer 3 contains the oil-water separator and the thermal oxidizer as well as space for mounting the hopper for transportation.


 Feed System Live bottom feeder, incline screw conveyor, knife gate airlock valves, kiln feed screw conveyor.

 Primary Thermal Desorber Indirect fired stainless steel rotary kiln with combustion chamber, fuel burners, gear drive powered by an electric motor.

 First Stage Oil Condenser With tank, spray nozzle, cooling loop.

 Second Stage Oil Condenser With tank, spray nozzle, air cooled heat exchangers.

 Thermal Oxidizer Burner and induced draft fan.

 Oil-Water Separator Steel construction with float level.
 Discharge Systems Knife gate airlock valves, discharge cooling incline conveyor.

Vulcan® Drying Systems also manufactures and can provide all needed components for your drying system including:

• cyclones

• baghouses

• wet scrubbers plus

• feed and discharge systems.

Vulcan® Drying Systems offers a full range of custom built equipment for drying, calcining and thermal desorption processes in addition to providing standardized components.

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