Coal Fines Drying

Created during the crushing and drying phases of coal mining, coal fines (particles smaller than 6mm) present disposal issues, as well as pose a health hazard to personnel and a contamination risk to the site. However, if processed correctly, coal fines can be converted into a fuel source, making them a valuable commodity. It is estimated that properly processed coal fines could satisfy more than 5% of the U.S. yearly demand for coal.

Benefits of Coal Fines Drying

Control costs, raise profits, and protect the environment by consulting Vulcan® Drying Systems about your coal fines project. Our experts are here to help you find the right drying system to meet your needs. We can recover close to 100% of the value of coal with our Coal Fines Drying System.

At Vulcan® Drying Systems, we design, manufacture, and install each system to deliver the highest value and quality, and our service extends well beyond commissioning.

Learn more about how our advanced drying technology converts this often troublesome waste product into real money. Get a Vulcan® Drying Systems Coal Fines Drying System working for you.


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