Vulcan® Drying Systems thermal solutions are proven performers in an almost limitless number of industrial and municipal applications. Functions include waste disposal and remediation, devolatilizing hazardous by-products, recycling to capture a low cost energy source or create a sellable end product, improving plant safety, and protecting health, the water supply, and the environment. At Vulcan® Drying Systems, we believe that through product ingenuity and advanced technology, challenges will turn into opportunities. Below, are just a few ways Vulcan® Drying Systems will work for you.


Animal Feed Drying

Animal by-products, along with many other materials including spent grains, bakery goods, fruits, vegetables, field crops, etc., can be used as ingredients in animal feed when thermally processed.


Animal Manure Drying

Manure is an expected by-product of the livestock industry. If left untreated, manure is just that...manure, while properly processed manure becomes a value added marketable commodity, also known as fertilizer.


Automotive Shredder Residue Drying

Vulcan® Drying Systems ASR Dryer Systems are designed specifically to dry ASR, making the material easy to transport, separate, and handle.


Biomass Drying

Biomass, the by-product of pulp and paper, agriculture, and municipal sludge, is perhaps the oldest source of renewable energy on earth, and its use for energy production is growing worldwide.


Biosolids Drying

The end product from the treatment of biosolids can be utilized for soil improvement, animal feed, and energy production.


Coal Fines Drying

If processed correctly, coal fines can be converted into a fuel source making them a valuable commodity.


Drill Cuttings Remediation

Oil based drilling muds contain large volumes of valuable, recoverable diesel.


Fly Ash Drying

The sale of fly ash for concrete production is potentially an excellent ancillary profit source for your plant.

portable plant

Hemp Drying

At Vulcan® Drying Systems, our engineers custom design each hemp drying system to provide you with the exact configuration your business needs. 


Mercury Removal From Ash

Vulcan® Drying Systems Thermal Desorption Units remove mercury from fly ash, making the end product reusable for concrete production.


Minerals Drying

Drying is an integral part of the profit and safety picture when processing minerals, cement, iron, coal, and steel.


Municipal Biosolids Processing

As the challenge of disposing of Class B biosolids becomes increasingly more complicated, many waste water treatment plants are searching for cost-effective solutions that will allow them to meet the more stringent EPA regulations being enforced in many areas.


Poultry Manure Drying

Vulcan® Drying Systems Dryers turn poultry manure into a PFRP (Process to Further Reduce Pathogens) end product that has uses in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and numerous other industries.


Quicklime Drying


RCRA Waste Processing

Vulcan® Drying Systems has a recycling method that is efficient, affordable, and RCRA-compliant.


Sorting Recyclables and MSW


Spent Catalyst Drying

Vulcan® Drying Systems technology removes the hydrocarbons from spent catalysts, recovering valuable materials such as nickel, vanadium, molybdenum, and platinum.


Tank Bottom Remediation

Treated solids have little to no residual hydrocarbons, resulting in an end product that can be disposed of easily and cost-effectively.