From our early beginnings, Vulcan® Drying Systems has been client-focused.
Today, we continue that tradition by offering a catalog of our new equipment components.

Download our complete Drying Systems Catalog

Download our Rotary Dryers including Direct fired rotary dryers, indirect fired rotary dryers, dryer burner assemblies, live bottom feeders, cyclones, baghouses, induced draft fans

Download our Primary Thermal Units, live bottom feeders, induced draft fans, oil-water separators, thermal oxidizers

Download our Indirect Thermal Desorption Systems

If you are not in the market for new components, we also offer quality reconditioned components. Having access to standardized thermal equipment and components can greatly reduce the time needed . to complete your projects. We hope you enjoy browsing our catalog and invite you to contact us with any questions either by phone at 660-263-7474 or via contact form.