Coal Fines are a Valuable Commodity

Over two billion tons of coal fines, the small waste particles left behind after the crushing and drying of coal, are currently stockpiled in the United States.

These little fragments can create big problems as their miniscule size prohibits them from passing through coal preparation plants. They become part of the waste stream making their final destination an impoundment where they live indefinitely causing risks to health and the environment.

Now for the good news… it is estimated that coal fines, once properly processed, could satisfy more than 5% of the United States’ yearly demand for coal. Because they can be converted to a fuel source, coal fines are a valuable commodity, generating a constant revenue stream.

Vulcan® Drying Systems can help you recover close to 100% of the value of the coal with our Coal Fines Drying System. Each dryer is custom built to meet each client’s specific needs.

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