Our History

How We Got Started

Over the last 50 years, Vulcan Drying Systems, LLC., has evolved through a culmination of experience with environmental cleanup and industrial drying technologies by providing equipment and cleanup services across the nation.

Vulcan Drying Systems’ founder originally owned and operated a coal mine in Missouri. That was where the passion formed that ultimately kickstarted his career in environmental regulations. With extensive experience in hydrocarbon cleanup through EPA’s LUST Leaking Underground Storage Tank program, a history in environmental waste management and drying technology endeavors, he was commissioned by a company in Alaska with several cleanup projects that ranged in scope from a small remote outpost diesel generator leak to a large airport fuel depot in Texas. That project played a tectonic role of what was to come.

Proudly Serving Industrial Drying Systems to the Masses

Thus, Vulcan Drying Systems, LLC, was formed. What began as land reclamation treatment, quickly grew over time with the realization of the many additional services needed to treat environmental waste. The expertise from land reclamation led to other soil remediation which highlighted Vulcan Drying Systems as an industry leader. Today, Vulcan Drying Systems, LIC, proudly provides services to every continent across the globe. Our innovative material processing solutions are custom-designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of a client’s production predicaments such as high-volume and climate barriers. Our highly qualified team of trained professionals offer our client’s support through every phase of the process, resulting in a thorough and economical drying solution.