Modular and heavy-duty, Vulcan® Baghouses are built to rigorous safety and performance standards because they are 100% designed, manufactured and tested in the USA.

- Pulse jet air piping with pulse outlet above bag center
- Inlet baffling reduces abrasion of filters by the incoming dust laden air.
- High side inlet with large drop out section reduces filter loading and produces downward air pattern
inside collector housing.

  • 12-gauge carbon steel housing, reinforced with ¼” angle and channel, welded construction, pre-assembled to largest feasible shipping sections.
  • 60° hopper with square discharge flanged and pre-drilled for auxiliary equipment.
  • Compressed air manifold mounted with pipe couplings for connection of air supply.
  • Hopper discharge clearance of 50” below airlock discharge.
  • Flanged inlet and flanged outlet.
  • Walk-in bag access door.
  • One differential pressure gauge with connecting hardware.
  • Prime finish, inside and outside, and exterior finish coat steel spec paint.
  • Top bag removal via walk-in plenum
  • Inlet Plenum with internal baffle, platform and safety railing, enclosed caged ladder
  • Timer Board, Diaphragm Valves & Solenoids all pre-wired
  • Control panel with interior mounted variable frequency drive for blower fan motor and exterior mounted start/stop buttons and rheostatic control; also includes fused disconnect and transformer for 120-volt controls.
  • SCFM and induced air blower size determined by design team
  • Rotary airlock with 3 phase electric motor
  • Air compressor and air dryer
  • Polypropylene, aramid or other bag materials available
  • Air to cloth ratio determined by design team
  • Ductwork to connect dust collector to induced air blower as well as blower exhaust stack
  • Removable inspection door on discharge hopper

The Versatility of Vulcan® Drying Systems Baghouses