hemp vulcan dryer

Industrial CBD Hemp Drying in a Rotary Dryer

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many chemicals that can derived from hemp plants. It is a popular
herbal medicine that it known to help with anxiety, depression, treats select epilepsy syndromes,
helps with PTSD symptoms, opioid addiction, and many more. In order to extract the CBD, the
hemp must first be dried. Drying the hemp is crucial to develop cannabinoid (CBD) and terpene
(aromatic compounds) content, as well as expanding the shelf stability of the product. During
shipment, wet hemp will only last a couple of days. The most common way to dry hemp is by
hanging it in “dry rooms”. This process takes anywhere from five to fifteen days, is labor
intensive, and production rate is heavily limited to the amount of room space.

Vulcan® Drying Systems uses rotary, direct fired dryers to dry high feed rates of hemp. The
hemp is fed by a screw conveyor into the rotating drum, so it must first be brought down to a 2”
particle size to reduce conveyor clogging. It is important that the product does not get too hot, to
avoid damaging the hemp itself or the cannabinoids. Vulcan® Drying Systems uses a
combustion chamber as well as auxiliary air to achieve maximum control over drum temperature.
To help prevent fine particulates exiting the exhaust stack, Vulcan® includes a knockout box as
well as a baghouse or cyclone. Vulcan® Drying Systems offers hemp dryers that range in
capacity from half a ton to ten tons per hour. Our systems are efficient, easy to operate, and come
with a manual for your specific dryer. The manual includes safety measures, general
components, handling and storage, initial set up instructions, and all other information needed to
get your drying system up and running.

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hemp vulcan dryer
Vulcan® Drying Systems Hemp Dryer

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