The versatility of Vulcan® Drying Systems thermal solutions is attested to by the diversity and number of industries that we serve. From petrochemicals, agriculture, pulp/paper, and food processing to chemicals, mining, sludge, and wastewater, Vulcan® Drying Systems has earned our reputation for reliability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. Regardless of the function, budget, or industry, our advanced systems help our clients meet today's challenges: reducing production costs, minimizing storage and transportation costs, reducing water and energy demands, reducing downtime, increasing the longevity of equipment, improving product quality, protecting personnel, and meeting stringent environmental standards.



There is a growing trend toward sustainable energy and a need for effective drying to prevent perishability and lower storage and transportation costs.



Improper chemical waste management, including inadequate storage, treatment, transportation, or disposal, negatively impacts human helth and the environment.


Food Processing

The use of a high-temperature direct-fired dryer significantly reduces the risk of contamination.

Closeup of plastic separation from shredded cars

Metal Separation

Scrap metal can be collected from community recycling programs, electronic recycling and commercial scrap generators.


Mining & Minerals

Energy costs can be reduced through the harvesting of sustainable energy from reclaimed ores which lessens environmental impact.


Municipal Solid Waste


Paper & Pulp

Because effective drying plays an essential role in both paper-making and recycling, your choice of drying equipment is important.



The petrochemical industry has a very high demand for affordable energy and for the economical disposal of waste products that can contribute to health hazards and environmental damage.


Sludge & Wastewater

Treatment and disposal of sludge and wastewater from a variety of sources, both industrial and municipal, is a high-demand industry with terrific growth potential.