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The agriculture industry faces the significant challenge of feeding an ever-expanding global population from finite or dwindling resources such as water, pasture and cropland.

Because of the challenges, effective storage and transportation of food materials is important to industry profitability and general conservation of resources. There is a growing trend toward sustainable energy and a need for effective drying to prevent perishability and lower storage and transportation costs.

Additionally, food and beverage by-products or waste products are being treated and pasteurized to create animal feeds or converted to fertilizer.

Vulcan® Drying Systems Dryers are purpose-built to dry grains, cereals, switchgrass, animal feed, alfalfa, and numerous other materials for easier and more cost-effective storage and transportation. Animal manure can also be dried and processed as a source of renewable energy and for use in feed and as a fertilizer. Our experienced team will work with you to create a solution perfectly suited to your project, location, and budget.

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Vulcan® Drying Systems

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