Production Cost or Profit Commodity?

Drilling muds can contain diesel or synthetic oil-based lubricants. Using Vulcan® Drying Systems’ Indirect Heated Thermal Processors with Vapor Recovery, these lubricants can be recovered from the cuttings for reuse in new drilling muds or sold as #2 fuel oil. The processed cutting solids are dry and contain less than half of a percent (.5%) residual hydrocarbons.

Let Vulcan® Drying Systems analyze a sample of your drilling muds (material, density, moisture content, etc.). We will develop the most efficient way to remove, process thermally, and devolatilize the hydrocarbons. The remediated soil and recaptured oil from the waste will be a valuable commodity.

Vulcan® Drying Systems many equipment options include new, used, portable, stationary, and varying capacity systems each built to suit your specific needs and budget.

Start remediating drill cuttings and recovering products in a way that maximizes resaleability or reuse. Contact Vulcan® Drying Systems today.

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