The Vulcan Sorting Systems offers sorting stations in a variety of sizes, including 6-bin, 8-bin and 12-bin models and portables, as well as two mini models of 3-bin and 4-bin.

6 ManSortingStation 02 1
6 ManSortingStation 01 2
8man sortingStation vss grey
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The larger models are ideal for sorting construction and demolition debris and municipal solid waste material, while the mini models are more suited for plastics, papers and other light recyclable sorting and separation. Vulcan Sorting System sorting stations are perfect for high-volume recycling, material separation and single-stream sorting of a comingled commercial waste stream. Add a Vulcan Sorting Systems conveyor for maximizing your workflow.


3 Bin Mini $32,950

4 Bin Mini $34,950

6 Bin $124,500

8 Bin $147,500

12 Bin $179,500

8 Bin Portable $119,500