Vulcan® Drying Systems provides state-of-the-art thermal technologies for a wide variety of industries, using research and development to create process innovation. Utilizing the well-proven processes of thermal drying, calcining, incineration and thermal desorption, Vulcan® Drying Systems offers custom-designedsolutions to material processing and handling projects.



Vulcan® Drying Systems innovative calcining systems remove contaminants from materials, including but not limited to, water-based impurities, mercury contamination, and pesticide contamination.



Vulcan® Drying Systems sets the standard in drying technology. Our industry leading, custom-built, and economical systems offer complete and efficient moisture reduction of materials in a wide variety of industries.


Thermal Desorption

Treat hydrocarbon contaminated soils and materials with Vulcan® Drying Systems Thermal Desorption Units, which are proven to outperform similar systems. A Vulcan® Drying Systems Systems Thermal Desorber can process between 1-10 tons per hour, depending on each project's specifications. Mobile options are also available.

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