Minimize the amount of fine materials in your end product, increase your grinder's productivity, and reduce machine wear.


We manufacture trommel screens in stationary, portable, and heavy duty designs. Our units range from the VSS 310 3'x10' Standard Duty (SD) and Heavy Duty (HD) model to the VSS 822 8'x22' SD and HD stationary models. Also in this line are portables and multi-conveyor systems. All trommel screens are custom made to fill your specific need and pair well with Vulcan Sorting Systems.

Standard Duty models come with weld-in woven wire mesh screens and the Heavy Duty models come with punch pressed ¼” steel plate screens.

trommel conveyor ts722
ts722ph 01
ts310 03
ts310 10

Trommel screens are used in any type of sifting or separation work. As material passes through the screened cylinder, the smaller particles pass through the openings, while the larger pieces are kept inside, thus separating the material by size. They are used for a variety of applications, including the separation of sand/gravel, lumber mill by-products and municipal solid waste (MSW) and in compost production. At a material recovery facility (MRF), the screens are used to separate the biodegradable faction of mixed MSW and separate smaller debris such as broken glass from larger recyclables, making them a practical addition to any Vulcan Sorting Station.


Model 310   •   TS $40,000   •   HD $43,000

Model 415   •   TS $45,000   • HD $50,900

Model 618   •   TS $49,900   •   HD $60,500

Model 722   •   TS $53,900   •   HD $65,600

Model 822   •   TS $64,900   •   HD $79,500

Model 830   •   TS $77,500   •   HD $99,500

Model TS722P with feed belt and hopper $149,500