Vulcan® Drying Systems Ships a Thermal Desorption Unit to Guyana


TDU Shipped to Guyana

During the midst of a global pandemic, Vulcan® Drying Systems has successfully maintained national and international business dealings. One of the most recent international deals was a shipment to Guyana of a Thermal Desorption Unit.

After designing, engineering, and manufacturing, the Thermal Desorption Unit was shipped. The equipment reached a port in Guyana 24 days after it left Moberly, Missouri.


Remediate Synthetic Drill Cuttings

This Vulcan® Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption Unit is designed to remediate up to 1 wet ton per hour of Synthetic Drill Cuttings. This smaller model Thermal Desorption Unit was designed due to the customer’s desire to have a solution quickly. Vulcan® was able to make that happen and had the unit shipped out within 120 days of purchase.