Why Invest in a Thermal Desorption Unit?

Pollution control and environmental sustainability are primary focal points for all companies. New rules and regulations cause many process types to find new hurdles for safely disposing process wastes. Wastes can be disposed of through incineration, storage and transporting, or chemical treatments. Though incineration and chemical treatments can often times be worked into the process, other wastes that can’t be treated or burned, such as oily sludges, contaminated filters, or soil, are a hassle to transport safely.

Fortunately, Vulcan® Drying Systems has a solution. At Vulcan® Drying Systems, our custom designed thermal desorption units can easily be implemented into any process that produces contaminated solid wastes. Our thermal desorption units are designed to handle up to 10 tons per hour of tank bottoms or drill cuttings and can be modified to meet the needs of any solid material. Our portable thermal desorption units can process up to five tons per hour of material. Vulcan® Drying Systems are designed to heat the material until contaminants vaporize, then pull them via the vapor stream into a series of scrubbers to condense, then safely destroying the remaining incondensable VOCs (volatile organic compounds) using a thermal oxidizer, and treated solids will be discharged at the end of the dryer. If a thermal oxidizer is not the right choice for safely disposing your company’s contaminants, then Vulcan® Drying Systems can modify our system designs to meet your safety requirements

Why invest in a Vulcan® Drying Systems thermal desorption unit? Our thermal desorption units are highly efficient in terms of pollution control, waste disposal and have minimal operating costs. The primary costs of running a thermal desorption unit are labor, electricity, water, fuel, and periodic maintenance. Our thermal desorption units are designed using natural gas, No. 2 oil, or a combination as a fuel source for the burners. Our custom-made thermal desorption units scrub vaporized oil and separate it, allowing it to be reusable and thus lowering overall fuel costs if you choose an oil burner. Since our thermal desorption units are custom designed for your company’s specific needs, you won’t have to worry about purchasing over or under sized systems due to preset sizes. This also allows you to design around future bottlenecks. Vulcan® Drying Systems can save your company from the expensive transport costs of hazardous wastes which bypass operating costs.