Custom-Built Drying Solutions

Vulcan® Drying Systems offers a full range of custom-built drying equipment designed to fit your drying needs.

At Vulcan® Drying Systems, our mission is to assist our clients in designing a unique solution for their drying needs. The dedicated team at Vulcan® Drying Systems is passionate about helping you achieving maximum results efficiently. Whether you need high temperature or low temperature, portable or stationary, small or extra large, or new or reconditioned, Vulcan® Drying Systems can design a system that's just right for you.

Basis of Design - Throughput Calculations Based on - 20% Solids, 80% Water
Model Tonnage
HD740 2-4 TPH
HD850 5-8 TPH
HD950 9-10 TPH

* Varying capacities and feed consistency will change product capacity.

System Process Flow


1. Feed Conveyor

The material is transported up a feed conveyor, prior to being dried in the rotary drum. Vulcan® Drying Systems offers state-of-the-art conveyors for each system manufactured in our facility.

2. Rotary Drum Dryer

The workhorse of the Vulcan® Drying Systems Dryer is the heavy-duty, low-temp, direct-heating rotary drum dryer. The low-temp dryer is extremely energy-efficient and can be configured to utilize a variety of fuels to perform the drying process. Our single-pass system is a simple, low-cost method of producing a marketable product from biomass material. Low temperature is maintained by mounting a burner to a long refractory-lined chamber. Auxiliary air is added in the chamber to keep the temperature levels low.

3. Material Discharge

On discharge, all processed material is sent to the client mandated location for re-purposing and re-sale. However, the Vulcan® Drying Systems Dryer doesn't stop there. This system ensures that all particulate matter is removed in a safe and secure fashion.

4. Cyclone

Processing chopped biomass is not without its dust. Fortunately, the included Vulcan® Drying Systems Cyclone removes particulate.


Each Vulcan® Drying Systems Biomass Drying System is custom-built for each client. Systems include the following options:

  • Feed chute or conveyor
  • Rotary Dryer
  • Combustion chamber with burner
  • Secondary air blower
  • Cyclone or Baghouse
  • Induced air blower
  • Controls

Vulcan Sorting Systems Trommel Screens and Vulcan Sorting Systems Conveyors can be used for sorting and transporting.

Custom-Built Drying Solutions

Animal Manure

animal manure dryer



Bone Meal


Fly Ash


Frac Sand

fracSand Dryer


Hemp dryer 8tph with conveyor



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