Why Vulcan® Drying Systems

Vulcan® Drying Systems is where custom-designed thermal solutions are manufactured in order to assist clients from a host of industries. Our solutions help clients reduce operating, storage, and transportation costs while meeting environmental regulations and finding sustainable energy sources.

Vulcan® Drying Systems is a proven leader in innovation and product design. We service accounts around the globe as easily as those across the street, and we are prepared to tackle any size thermal project while analyzing the necessary data, no matter the complexity, in order to provide innovative and economical solutions. For Vulcan® Drying Systems, customer support is a religion. Our team will be there every step of the way from design and engineering to set-up and commissioning. Our after-sales services also include monitoring throughout the life of the equipment, ensuring that processes continue to stay on time and on budget.

Vulcan® Drying Systems

Vulcan® Drying Systems  designs and manufactures direct fired and indirect fired dryers for clients around the globe. Our drying systems reduce moisture content in processed materials, producing a desirable and valuable end product. Both parallel-flow and counter-current flow dryers are available. No matter the need, Vulcan® Drying Systems provides the ideal system for each client.

Often referred to as the "workhorses" of the drying industry, Vulcan® Drying Systems Rotary Dryers are durable and economical. Excellent for processing materials at high processing rates, direct fired rotary dryers shower the feed with a hot gas stream from end to end and break up clumps during processing in order to create a uniformly dried product.

Our indirect fired rotary dryers are designed for dusty, fine materials with small particle sizes and for low-density materials. In an indirect fired dryer, the rotary drum is partially enclosed and heated by a series of burners mounted in an insulated jacket. Keeping the material separate from the heat source ensures a controlled, oxygen-deficient atmosphere, ideal for processing organic materials such as biomass, minerals, and wood waste.

Our thermal solutions help clients reduce operating, storage, and transportation costs and make it easier to meet environmental regulations.

Contact Vulcan® Drying Systems via phone at 660-263-7474 or contact form to get our experienced tech team working on your thermal project. Our staff is known for innovative solutions when working directly with industrial and environmental issues.

Our custom-designed direct fired rotary dryers can be configured in either a parallel or counter-current flow. Parallel flow dryers are ideal for drying materials with a high moisture content, are heat-sensitive, or are sticky. Counter-current flow dryers are excellent for materials that need to be dried at high temperatures or when moisture is hard to remove from a material.

Vulcan® Drying Systems Thermal Desorption Units

Thermal desorption is the best and most reliable environmental technology available. This technology is not only proven to be useful in treating volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, but is also used to separate organic contaminants from any solid matrix. Thermal desorption units (TDUs) are available in direct fired and indirect fired models, with treatment capacities of up to 100 tons per hour. Specific temperature and residence times can be tailored specifically to each individual project.

Regardless of the different parameters in each project, our team will work directly with you to find the most beneficial solution, proving that our consistent record of being a top-seller globally is a trend that will continue.

More cost-effective than other thermal remediation methods, Vulcan® Drying Systems Thermal Desorption Units provide the added advantage of soil recyclability. These treated soils can be reused, adding value to the process and creating a sustainable energy stream.

Vulcan® Drying Systems Calcining Systems

Available in stationary and portable models, Vulcan® Drying Systems Calcining Systems are built to meet the requirements of any calcining project. In use around the world, our calciners have been designed to remove a long list of contaminants, such as hydrocarbons, mercury, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, and more.

Rotary calciners consists of a steel drum which rotates inside a heated furnace, providing high-temperature processing within a controlled atmosphere. Some of our most popular applications include the production of aluminum, titanium, steel, iron oxides, kaolin, coke, and dolomite. Calciners are also used in precious metal recovery, catalyst production, and environmental cleanup.

Calcining is a thermal treatment that employs extremely high heat (1000 degrees centigrade) and oxygen. When applied to ores and other solid materials, calcining brings about thermal decomposition, phase transition, or removal of volatile contaminants. End products are cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Vulcan® Drying Systems Incineration Systems

Used by municipalities and large industrial facilities around the world to dispose of solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes generated by their waste collection and production processes, Vulcan® Drying Systems Incineration Systems are effective, safe and economical. Utilizing high temperature combustion and controlled air, incineration destroys and devolatizes organic substances contained in a variety of waste materials (heavy metals, biologic wastes, PCBs, pesticides, etc).

Specialized incinerators are available for use in burning medical wastes, chemical wastes, toxic wastes, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Incinerators are an alternative to the disposal of general municipal garbage in solid waste disposal sites. The largest benefit derived from the use of incinerators is the reduction of waste mass and volume, resulting in saved space in landfills.

Vulcan® Drying Systems Incineration Systems are also excellent for processing mixed wastes including solid, sludge, and liquid waste streams. The end ash product produced by incinerators can be recycled to generate power for your facility, lowering operating costs.

Vulcan® Drying Systems Incineration Systems are equipped with pollution control technology to help decrease greenhouse gases and particulates in the process.

Just as with coal-fired power plants, incineration produces fly and bottom ash, both of which can be safely recycled using Vulcan® Drying Systems incineration technology. We can also pair incineration with energy recovery in waste-to-energy technologies such as pyrolysis, gasification, and anaerobic digestion.

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