Vulcan® Drying Systems offers thermal solutions, custom-designed and manufactured to help enhance product quality and maximize profits. Our systems are able to capture waste energy and recycle waste for beneficial reuse, helping to reduce your company's disposal costs and environmental footprint.

From testing and design to installation and maintenance, Vulcan® Drying Systems provides clients with support throughout every step of the process. Our qualified engineers and staff strive to provide each customer with an efficient, cost-effective thermal solution and a variety of support services to assist in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the product.


Engineering and Design

Vulcan® Drying Systems offers full engineering and design services, including Basis of Design documents, process flow diagrams, material energy balances, P&ID, electrical schematics, ASPEN simulation, and detailed design drawings. In conjunction with our project management services, our engineering and design services ensure that our thermal solutions delivered on time and within budget.



Vulcan® Drying Systems provides complete set-up, installation, and commissioning services for our clients. Our experienced operators travel to clients' sites around the world to supervise the set-up process as well as commission systems. All our systems are designed specifically for each client's individual process, and our staff troubleshoots with precision to make the process more efficient.


After Sales and Maintenance

Vulcan® Drying Systems offers after sales and maintenance support services for all of our custom-designed and manufactured systems. Our operators visit clients' sites to inspect the plant, produce a maintenance and repair plan, and provide additional operator training.