Quench Tower Pre-Cooler


Item Number: 2153

Asking Price: $98,500



Quench Tower Pre-Cooler - This is a multifunctional stainless steel 308 vessel that is currently ready for our engineers to cost effectively configure it to fit your application, or ready for a potential customer to configure to their specific needs. With slight modifications the vessel is suitable for the following unit operations/applications:

Acid Gas Scrubber/Pack Column - based on customer application inputs and the excellent corrosion resistance properties of the materials of construction, this multifunctional vessel can be quickly configured as a packed column to scrub any number of acid gases or other contaminates including ammonia and SO2. Based on acid concentrations and total gas rated, the amount and type of packing can be determined to provide the customer with a packed bed equivalent to the number of theoretical trays required for your separation or scrubbing needs. Vulcan® Drying Systems can provide the naked vessel or configure it to customer specifications. Upon request, much more process information can be provided. The vessel can also be applied in a number of organic mist scrubbing or absorber applications. The vessel is tall enough (45 feet) that it provides a very wide application bandwidth for a wide range of equilibrium data.

Evaporative Cooling Chamber/Quench Cooling Tower - this multifunctional vessel was originally designed and engineered for cooling high temperature exhaust gases from drying furnaces operating at temperatures as high as 1500+ Degrees F. Exhaust gases from high temperature sources are cooled down by spraying atomized water onto the gases in a controlled manner to operate as a dry bottom device. The gases are cooled with the atomized water vapor to the saturation temperature of the quench tower. The quench tower is used as a pre-cooler for a baghouse. Because the unit is built out of stainless steel and can therefore handle higher temperatures, expensive refractory lining is not required. Conventional Evaporative Cooling Chambers/Quench Cooling Towers are usually constructed from mild steel and thus require refractory linings that add significant weight and cost to the design of the quench.

Cyclone Separator - to customer specification, this multifunctional vessel can be configured into a simple, high-temperature, basic high-efficiency mechanical gas/particulate separator with no moving parts, functioning at low operating costs. Although this multifunctional vessel is designed for high temperature (1500+ Degrees F) applications, lower temperature applications are also conducive to this unit such as activated carbon/charcoal separation, plastic fines, sawdust, etc and can also be used as the air pollution particulate dust control device in the unloading of various dusts and grains.


Model Quench Tower Pre-Cooler
Condition Used
Size (WxHxD) 8'-10"x44'x9'-2"
Material Of Construction Stainless Steel 308
High-Temperature Applications 1500+ °F
Listing Number 18006
Refractory Lining Not required; stainless steel lined
Vessel Thickness 10-gauge stainless steel