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Sorting Systems

Primarily, sorting stations are used as part of a material recovery facility (MRF) or recycling facility to separate different recyclable materials. Workers stand at each of the picking stations, collecting a different specified type of material and dropping in into their chute, thus sorting the materials. The larger models are ideal for sorting construction and demolition debris and municipal solid waste.

Trommel Screens

Trommel screens are used in any type of sifting or separation work. As material passes through the screened cylinder, the smaller particles pass through the openings, while the larger pieces are kept inside, thus separating the material by size. They are used for a variety of applications,including the separation of sand/gravel.

Crossbelt Magnets

Vulcan® Sorting Systems’ crossbelt magnets are ideal for recycling operations and are widely used for sorting co-mingled metals and separating ferrous and nonferrous metals. When suspended over the conveyor belt of a sorting station, they pick up the ferrous metal, removing it from the sorting line. Because it is difficult to tell ferrous from non-ferrous metal just by looking at it, use of a crossbelt magnet ensures that only non-ferrous metal is picked.


Vulcan® Sorting Systems’ heavy-duty incline conveyors and extreme-duty incline conveyors are perfect as an add-on to any sorting station for feeding material into the trommel screen or from the trommel screen to the sorting station.

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